St. Thomas Members Meet Despite the Pandemic and a Damaged- Sanctuary

20 Dec 2020 | Royston Philbert

On December 5, 2020, District Two Seventh-day Adventist congregations (Philadelphia and the Haitian) of St. Thomas, USVI, sprang into physical worship, under Covid-19 guidelines.  Using Genesis 5: 24, Pastor Jerry Languedoc, the Senior Pastor, encouraged and challenged the members to walk with God throughout the pandemic. In addition to the Ministerial Intern, Pastor Kendrick Glasgow Jr., and elders, more than eighty-five members (15 members from the Haitian and seventy-three from Philadelphia) rejoiced with praise and thanksgiving.

It was with joy that the pastors expressed gratitude to Brother and Sister Quetel for their extra service, in getting the designated area of the church prepared for worship. Much appreciation was also extended to the pathfinders, members, and pastors for giving their best to the Master.

The Philadelphia and Haitian congregations serve the Lord with unending praise and thanks for His protection from COVID-19 and continuous blessings on the church’s recovery, from the dual quandary of hurricanes Irma and Maria. Together, we shout hallelujah for the erecting of the church building walls and installation of the roof.  “Thus far the Lord has helped us.” 1 Samuel 7:12

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