14 Empowered Students Bid Farewell to St. Eustatius SDA School

02 Jul 2021 | Royston Philbert

The Graduation Exercise for the St. Eustatius Seventh-day Adventist School, under the management of Principal La Verne David, was hosted on the weekend of June 25-27, 2021. The Class of 2021 captioned the theme, “Sowing Seeds for Life - Channeling My Destiny”.  

The activities commenced with a spirit-filled Consecration Service on Friday, where the Transition Speaker, Jaasiel Hinckson, emphasized the importance of having clear goals and following teachers’ guidance and instructions. He was quite clear in his admonitions on seeking help when needed. 

Mrs. Gerene Joseph, Education Director of the North Caribbean Conference (NCC), delivered the Feature Address, “Sowing Seeds of Faith”.  She emphasized the importance of planting your own seeds and watching them grow and develop through Christ. To illustrate this point, some prominent Bible characters were mentioned, including Esther and Joseph whose seeds sowing helped with the preservation of life.The Commencement Ceremony, on Sunday, included remarks by the Island State Commissioner, Miss Alida Francis, who admonished the Graduating Class to plant seeds for life. 

The Keynote Speaker, Ms. N’Killi Gumbs, was no less emphatic in her remarks as she challenged the class to leave footprints for life when planting seeds. She said, “When seeds are planted, it shouldn’t be just about you but rather consider the impact on those around you and the effect your actions can have - it’s not all about you.’The ceremony concluded with the Charge to Graduates conveyed by the District Pastor and School Board Chairman, Pastor Earl Esdaile, to fourteen empowered graduates:  Garsheira Brown, Julendrick Courtar, William Courtar, Alex Demming, Lia Henriquez, Daviola Lewis, Amayah Merkman, Zanoah Njionti, Divoncia Redan, Tonisha Redan, Tinika Spanner, Nereida Tatem, Jolique McKenzie (Salutatorian), and Alininia Merkman (Valedictorian).  Pastor Esdaile’s counsel to trust in the Lord with all their hearts resonated with all attendees.

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