When Hurricane Irma Met Its Match

04 Nov 2017 | Annette Michael

Sis. Mil Robinson, a lay evangelist, planned to be away from her home in St. Thomas US Virgin Islands from September 1 to September 14, 2017. She wanted to spend her birthday with her sister in Florida and take care of some other matters. September 1-14, she decided, not knowing that five days after she left St. Thomas, Hurricane Irma, a rare category five hurricane, would come roaring to the island with deadly force.

In St. Thomas, Sis. Mil lived on the second floor of a three-story building. Her three–bedroom apartment had a den in addition to three bedrooms.  Being a prayer warrior as well as a lay evangelist, Sis Mil wanted a prayer room totally devoted to prayer, so she selected one of the bedrooms to be her prayer room. It was beautiful. The soft arm chairs, candles, white curtains and white table cloth created a peaceful atmosphere. In baskets on the floor were Bibles, hymnals, and other religious books, with the large white family Bible on the table open to Psalm 91. A lovely floral rug carpeted the floor. The prayer room was located right across from a hallway. And now, with Sis. Mil far from home, Hurricane Irma, with her 185 miles per hour winds, had arrived.

The hurricane blew out several windows of Sis. Mil’s apartment, and blinding sheets of water came pouring in. It blew out the French door and even more water poured in. On that Tuesday September 6, while Sis. Mil prayed in Florida, St. Thomas was being devastated. The storm was deadly, even plucking people out of windows to their death. It destroyed churches, schools, hotels, and homes.

After the screaming winds had toned down and the rain had abated, Sis. Mil’s landlord came to check on the apartment. He shook his head when he saw the blown–in windows, the flooded kitchen, and the soaked bedrooms. The damage was extensive, with the living and dining rooms also wet. Over twenty buckets of water would later be removed from the living room alone. But as the landlord continued his walk through the devastated apartment, he stopped, mouth wide open. One room, just one room, was dry.

 Yes, you guessed it. The prayer room had remained untouched. The Bibles were in place. The hymnals were there just as Sis. Mil had left them.  The windows had not been blown in. And the soft rug on the floor was dry. Just across the hallway, there was standing water, but in the prayer room, there was not one drop. Nothing had been touched. Nothing damaged.

The same God who had answered Sis. Mil’s prayers in that prayer room time and time again had showed His power once again and saved the place of prayer, Sis. Mil’s prayer room.

The hurricane had met its match!
Is there anything, anything, too hard for the Lord?



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