Ten Glorious Days of Fun

09 Sep 2018 | NCC Staff/Jaimeson B.F Hazel

Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2018 at the Virgin Gorda Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church was held under the theme “Welcome Aboard” from August 13th - 24th. It was ten glorious days of fun, singing, craft, nature walk and Bible stories. Of the thirty-three (33) children who registered for the VBS adventure, seventeen (17) were community guests.

The VBS team engaged the children in activities that would leave a lasting impression on their young lives. Each day was made up of an exciting Bible story and a memory gem. During the small group activity time the children made crafts that complimented the story of the day. All the stories told were hinged on the word ‘obedience.’ The importance of being obedient was reiterated every day. Some of the 3D crafts were Jonah in the belly of the fish, Peter walking on the water, and taking his eyes off of Jesus, Noah and the ark and Joseph on his way to Egypt in a caravan. The children also engaged in outdoor activities such as the "carrying the gospel" 4 by 1 relay and "walking the narrow road to Heaven". The gospel was represented by ice cubes in the 4x1 relay. The first child in each team received an ice cube/gospel and had to run to the next team member before the "gospel" melted. The lesson in the game was clearly emphasized, when someone receives the good news about Jesus they are to share it with someone else and not keep it to themselves.

The VBS adventure climaxed on the afternoon of Sunday August 26th with the closing ceremony in which the children displayed their creations and demonstrated to their parents, friends and well-wishers what they learnt for the days at VBS.

The success of VBS 2018 prompted the Virgin Gorda Church Board to give uniform scholarships to four (4) non Seventh-day Adventist VBS 2018 children. The recipients: one (1) Adventurer and three (3) Pathfinders, will receive full uniforms compliments of the Church. On September 15th the four youngsters will be inducted into their respective clubs.

The parents of these children are elated to have their children inducted into the clubs. Other parents indicated that their children will be joining the club beginning September 15, 2018.



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