SXM Firefighters and SDA Pathfinders Bond At Breakfast

23 Mar 2018 | NCC Staff

The Pioneer Pathfinder Club on St. Maarten provided breakfast for 30 firefighters on Sunday, February 25, 2018, to convey gratitude for the great work they continue to do during emergencies. As neighborhoods regroup after the devastating 2017 hurricane season, Pathfinders have been distributing meals and other necessities to affected families and first responders, including police officers who were treated to breakfast.

In recent months, the St. Maarten Fire Department has been quite busy with multiple-alarm fires on the island. One Pathfinder Counselor, Sister Jacky Barry, expressed: “They served us during the hurricane season in 2017 and as the year turned, there was a fire on the island’s lone landfill that lasted more than a week and they took care of it. They worked hard and we want to say thanks.”

This Pathfinder Club offers ministry through the Philipsburg Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church and the Director, Sister Linda Richardson, praised the fire-fighters: “These men and women work every day to help people who need it, doing everything from settling domestic issues to helping strangers find their way and responding to fires. What better way for us to say ‘thanks’, than giving every single officer a meal.”  Another of the organizers, Brother Kenneth Serrant, shared: "It's not about us, it's about them. They get such a bad rap, especially the officers, and they just need to know their community is there for them. The SDA Church is happy to represent the community."

Support from the church for the Salute of Thanks to First Responders has been overwhelming and more than 30 volunteers contributed to the success of the breakfast ministry.  The fire department personnel were delighted by the expressions of gratitude as the gathering meant more than an opportunity to eat a meal – the breakfast allowed fire-fighters a chance to grow closer to individuals they work to protect. Mr. Pedro Wilson of the department responded: “We're just very appreciative of what you've done. It just shows us our community cares about us. It's humbling and on behalf of all of us, thank you."

The SDA Pathfinder Club is a church-centred, recreational-spiritual program designed for children, ages 10 to 15. Activities range from community/civic service projects in their community and across the globe, to nature and environmental conservation studies as well as camping and high adventure trips. The Pathfinder curriculum is based on six levels along with approximately 350 specialized skill development topics covering arts and crafts, aquatics, nature, household arts, recreation, spiritual development, health and vocational training – according to the Pathfinder Club’s official website. The program offers action, adventure, challenge and group activities which engender a team-spirit, encourage loyalty to the church and foster love for neighbors.

Over the years, the Pioneer Pathfinder Club has supplied food, clothing and toiletries to families in the community. The Pathfinders also partnered with civic originations to clear debris from beaches and to beautify senior citizens’ residences. Dr. Vincent A. David, the Youth and Chaplaincy Director of the North Caribbean Conference, affirmed the Pathfinders: “It’s about salvation and service.”




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