Standing-room Only At Youth-led Evangelistic Series

POSTED: 17 Nov 2017


Since the launch of the Lord Transform Me (LTM) evangelism initiative in October, 2015, at the year-end meeting of the Inter-American Division (IAD), the North Caribbean Conference (NCC) has kept the LTM’s objectives at the forefront of its activities and programs.

Young people, engaged in the service of God, embraced the LTM components and organized the two-week Overcoming Giants Evangelistic Series at the New Bethany Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church on St. Maarten. Crowds packed the church nightly for the impacting services which enjoyed the overwhelming support of members. Along with spiritual servings on living a transformed life, visiting friends were treated to baskets of fruits and food contributed by the members.

On the final Sabbath of the campaign, there was standing room only. Shouts of “amen” and “hallelujah” erupted around the church as the preacher for the day, Juan Carlos Zacarias, resonated with attendees: “I know that some of you are here not to see a young preacher. You are here not to see what is going on in the church. You are here not to see the transformation that can take place in the lives of young people through young people. You are here to see Jesus!”
“We all felt the power of God working during the campaign as the youths ministered for God,” said Benjamin Jones, one of the leaders at the New Bethany Church. Through the work of the Holy Spirit and the effort of fourteen youth preachers, three precious souls surrendered to God in baptism.

One of the three newly baptized members commented: “I just [came] to the conclusion to give my life to Jesus because He saved me all these years.” Another shared: “Hearing the call of God, I decided to walk away from my companion and accept the love that God offers. God had other plans for me, and I am here because of His love for me. I came into the community searching for a place and I found my place in Jesus.”

The New Bethany SDA Church is one of two Spanish congregations on St. Maarten with a dynamic group of believers who enjoy the team ministry of Pastor Marcos Salas and his wife.




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