Spotlight on Adventist education in the North Caribbean Conference

30 Sep 2018 | NCC Staff/Gerene Joseph

A brief ceremony was held on September 26, to dedicate the newly refurbished sick-room at the St Croix SDA School. Principal Johnston Southwell, expressed gratitude to Mrs. Annetta Parsons, who spearheaded the refurbishing of the facility. He noted, “I was moved with deep appreciation when I saw Mrs. Parsons’ commitment and enthusiasm as she undertook the project to refurbish the sick-room. The Professionalism she displayed was outstanding.”

In attendance at the ceremony were representatives of the North Caribbean Conference (NCC) in the persons of Mrs. Gerene Joseph, Education Director, Mrs. Linda Ambrose, Women and Children’s Ministries and Family Life Director, as well as Mrs. Jacintha Matthew, Administrative Assistant.

Mrs. Joseph commended the school’s administration for having consented to the project, and expressed gratitude to Mrs. Parsons on behalf of the NCC. “It’s heartwarming when parents can partner with the school to improve the facilities for our students. When parents invest their resources of time, money, and their professional expertise, it is highly commendable,” the Director stated.

An elated Mrs. Ambrose remarked, “This is indeed a gesture of love and caring!  Mrs. Parson is truly a woman on the move for God.  As the Women’s Ministries Leader of the Bethel SDA, she saw a need and was inspired by God to fill that need. She’s a worthy example for other women to follow.”

Mrs. Parson, a nurse by profession, took the time to outline a brief history of the project and to provide the small group with a tour of the two-room facility. One room consists of two beds and the other room houses medical supplies and toiletries which were donated by members of the community and the Alumni Association of the school.

Elder Roosevelt Joseph, the ADRA Director for the St Croix SDA Constituency, expressed congratulations on behalf of ADRA. He was also invited to offer a Prayer of Blessing on the newly refurbished sick-room.



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