Spanish “Prophecy Encounters” Spawns Small Groups Bible Study

POSTED: 17 Mar 2018


A team from the Amazing Facts Ministry, Pastor and Mrs. Carlos Muñoz, hosted a successful Prophecy Encounter Series at the Sunny Acres Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church from February 2-17, 2018. Pastor Muñoz engaged attendees on the relevance of God’s Word and guided them into understanding the prophetic timechart related to  the return of Christ.  He offered additional insight into the Biblical Sabbath and outlined the need for people to make bold decisions in their relationship with God.

For two weeks, Pastor Muñoz unlocked the prophecies of Revelation in a dynamic way that attracted dozens of guests. Pastor Pedro Alicea, who has responsibility for the congregation, commented on the attendance: “I have never seen it before.  Our records show that on some nights guests numbered thirty six.”

As a result of the ongoing slump in the territory’s economy, the Spanish congregations on St. Croix have been experiencing a rapid migration of members. Church administrators and leaders are doing all they can to support the congregations’ evangelistic thrust. The President of the North Caribbean Conference (NCC), Pastor Desmond James, attended the nightly presentations and was impressed: “This is what we are here for. I am thrilled to see what is happening.”

Pastor Alicea elaborated on the evangelism plans for the Spanish communities: “With the help of God, we are moving forward. The program has inspired us to enter new areas of ministry for the Lord. The church now has a radio ministry every Sabbath afternoon from 2:00 - 2:30 p.m. to engage the Spanish community on the Advent Message.  Additionally, the church has organized two small groups that meet on Tuesday and Saturday evenings to continue studying with over twenty individuals who indicated their interest in Bible study.”

The seminars concluded with two baptisms and five persons who are preparing for baptism – Pastor Muñoz expressed satisfaction with the results.  The husband-wife team is dedicated to this ministry and is passionate about sharing Bible truths. As he reflects on his Christian journey, Pastor Muñoz feels that his greatest contribution in life has been helping others come into a saved relationship with Jesus, “I feel honored to preach the gospel to others and it is my greatest desire to help people have a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ through a clear understanding of His Word.”

In the midst of celebrating the fruits of evangelism, Pastor Alicea is preparing the congregations of Sunny Acres and Campo Rico for further growth: “We will work hard to finish the job but we need the prayers of everyone.”




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