Preparation for the Final Crisis Expo

01 May 2018 | NCC Staff/Dawnalyn Jones

I want to share with you about a gifted man, an anointed evangelist, a comedian and a powerful, energetic man of God who was chosen, called, consecrated and committed to minister in our territory, for such a time as this.

It all began on Friday, April 6th—the Preparation for the Final Crisis Revival. Excitement shifted into high gear and anxiety climbed as the members of District #1 Seventh-day Adventist Churches, on the island, anxiously awaited the revival which was widely publicised and caught the attention of many who came. Members and visitors were intrigued, night after night, as the Word of God was proclaimed from the Bible.

The international evangelist, Elder Eugene Benjamin, a dynamic man of the Word and of Caribbean origin brought with him a wealth of knowledge through his power-packed messages; gems based on prophecy; praise and worship which elevated the name of Jesus higher; and, powerful prayer which touched and impressed the lives of many who heard. Mr. Benjamin’s desire is to, “Deplete the population of hell and increase the population of heaven so that men and women can be saved in God’s kingdom.”

With the emphasis on prophecy, the revival impacted and blessed many and, as a result, men and women were exposed to the truth and were anxious to learn more. As the numbers increased night after night, people left after each experience better equipped to advance the Kingdom of God through evangelism.

At the conclusion of the week, on Saturday April 14th, hearts were changed and conscious decisions were made by many who heard, accepted and decided to commit their lives to Jesus. Today, the Seventh-day Adventist Churches of Tortola welcome and celebrate the entrance of ten precious souls for Jesus – three of whom were re-commitments. The name of the Lord was exalted as they went all the way into baptism.

Pastor Leriano Webster, pastor of the District #1 Seventh-day Adventist Churches on the island of Tortola, who was instrumental in the acquisition of the Antiguan-based evangelist, said he is pleased with the turn-out and overwhelming support he received from the entire church family. His determination is to maintain contact and conduct regular Bible study to assist in the nurturing of our new converts, which will help to improve their spiritual growth.

God’s will was done! It was a very enriching experience.  One week went by so swiftly, yet the sounds of the messages still echo in the minds and hearts of men and women across the territory. Today we can truly say, “To God be the Glory; Great things He hath done.”



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