NCC and CARU Aim to Transform Church Content-Creation

POSTED: 23 Mar 2018


Driven by a goal to revamp communication delivered by its congregations and to use appropriate delivery methods to impact the church constituency and its community, creatively and effectively, the North Caribbean Conference (NCC) Communication Department hosted a very successful workshop from February 16 to 17, 2018.

The two-day event, at the St. Croix Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) School, brought more than 60 participants together for professional instruction, the exchange of ideas and ministry-methods, and to unify efforts to share the message of hope.

The NCC Communication Director, Pastor Royston Philbert, shared the objectives of the training: Provide inspiration, foster team-spirit, harmonize our message and impact communication in the local church with a stronger commitment to service and excellence, in the fulfillment of its mission.

Pastor Claudius Morgan, the Communication Director of the Caribbean Union Conference (CARU), was the primary program faciliator.  He stated, “The workshop is important to our church communication directors as it helps them to become more knowledgeable about the purpose of communication in the life of the church.  Communication is everything. When sharing information, there is need to ensure the messages reach the targeted audience.”

A series of valuable concepts, from several presenters, equipped attendees to target effective content delivery.  Pastor Desmond James, the NCC President, emphasized, “We want to improve the paradigms of communication dramatically.  We must move to the next level using the technology to make our church communication-friendly.”

Pastor Morgan urged attendees to, “Step out of your comfort zones to learn more of current technology and media.  Youtube has it all.  Challenge yourself and learn all you can to be efficient in the things you do.”

The husband and wife team of Brother Richard and Sister Sigorney Dorsey guided attendees on gathering the content for communication that is relevant and life-changing. “We are living in an awesome time where technology can enable us to reach millions with the gospel in places and at times when it was otherwise impossible to do so,” said Sigorney Dorsey.

Dr. Verleen McSween reiterated that, “The greatest challenge lies in sharing the vision and bringing awareness of who we are. The Church is looking for efficiency and inclusiveness.”

The workshop included practical instructions on: The use, maintenance and positioning of microphones in the church; how to prepare the church for online distribution of church services; and, how to collaborate using innovative methods to showcase professionalism in churches and institutions around the NCC.

The NCC Communication Department collaborates with CARU in the thrust to present a favorable image of the SDA Church in the Caribbean Union to the world.




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