Mission trip to Haiti

29 Jun 2018 | Virgil Sams

The poverty in Haiti continues to thrive. Members of the St. Eustatius Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church sponsored a trip to Haiti to help in a relief effort in the socio-economic situation. Pastor Sams, the residing Pastor of St. Eustatius, invited Pastor Pierre Joseph, the Pastor of the Haitian churches on St. Maarten, to accompany him on a mission trip to Haiti. Pastor Joseph is a native of Haiti and was the translator for Pastor Sams. They both took time to journey to Haiti from June 13th to 20th.

Trip to haiti

From Port au Prince, they went to the city of Cape Haitian, the home city of Pastor Joseph, and in rural areas from the city. From the city to the rural areas, poverty is seen at its highest level.

Many in the rural areas live without electricity. They live in primitive conditions. Cultivation is a primary part of the livelihood of many. Many have no running water in their houses. On the streets were seen young and old walking with large cooking oil bottles and paint buckets collecting water from street pipes. The collected water is being used for cooking, washing and bathing. Concern is shown for the hygienic condition under which many are living. 

During this mission trip, Pastors Sams and Joseph ministered to approximately 300 persons who were, considerably, in great need. These included senior citizens, school children and disabled individuals. Envelopes were given with an amount of 1,000 to 2,500 Haitian Gourde. Clothing was also donated.

The need in Haiti is great among our members as well as church building. Many of our church buildings are unfinished without doors and windows; walls are left unplastered and buildings are left unpainted. 

But, in spite of the circumstances our brethren in Haiti are highly spiritual. Their faithfulness in tithes and offerings is phenomenal. When gathered on Sabbaths for worship, the saints worship lustily, pray passionately, sing with zeal and have the longing hope of the Second Coming of Christ.

The Adventist North Haitian Mission and Haitian Mission Union administrations expressed profound gratitude for the contributions made during the voluntary mission trip of Pastors Sams and Joseph.



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