Historic Week of Prayer held at the BVI SDA School

30 Apr 2018 | NCC Staff/Ysanna John

A breath of fresh air enveloped the campus of the British Virgin Islands Seventh-day Adventist School from March 6-9, 2018, during the school’s termly Week-of-Prayer exercises held under the theme, “The New Purchase.” This session was a historic one. It was the first time that a student volunteered to conduct the week’s exercises. The project was the brainchild of the speaker, 16-year-old Ms. Angie Pérez, a bubbly 12th grader who finds great excitement in her relationship with Jesus and talks about Him all the time.

The program, which was planned by the 12th Grade class, was presented to, and approved by the Week-of-Prayer Committee. During the week, The Plan of Salvation was presented from the very beginning in heaven to The Second Coming of Christ. This was done through skits, which were planned and superbly presented by the class before each sermon.

The school family was enthralled by the unique method of presentation for each session, as Angie demonstrated her love for Jesus. The sermons captivated the audience with the realization that these sermons were born out of personal experiences. A touching appeal was made on Thursday and Friday of that week. Many students responded to the call to rededicate their lives to Christ, and a Bible study group has bloomed from this venture.

We pray God’s richest blessings on Angie and her class, who, despite the rigors of SBA’s and up-coming exams, have taken this initiative during their final year of high school. We wish them a resounding success.

Let us pray for the school family, as we join with them in evangelizing through Christian Education.



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