Go Ye Therefore and “Impact Guyana-2018”!

09 Mar 2018 | NCC Staff

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Caribbean Union will officially launch the greatest homegrown, “LTM-evangelistic” initiative, called “Impact Guyana 2018,” tonight, March 9, 2018, at fifty sites around the Guyana Conference.

Church leaders from the Caribbean Union Conference (CARU) are excited about the evangelistic efforts driven by scores of visiting and local pastors as well as hundreds of active church members. During the last three months, pastors and the laity have worked extensively with the community and friends, to prepare for this massive community undertaking.

According to Pastor Claudius Morgan, Assistant to the CARU President for Evangelism, and the main organizer of the event, 50 campaigns will be run simultaneously in various areas around Guyana.

Coordinators have planned for one baptism at each site, during the week. The final baptism will be held at the National Exhibition Centre where over 5,000 people are expected to convene for a grand finale convention with Pastor Steve Riley of the South Caribbean Conference as guest speaker. The live-streamed program will feature the CARU President, Dr. Kern Tobias, and other leaders from the Caribbean Union Conference. You can follow the live stream of the convention on the CARU website and social media pages, beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Pastor Morgan explained that this initiative is a collaborative effort of all the CARU fields: “This official launch, tonight, signals a new thrust for evangelism in the Caribbean Union.  It signals the importance of evangelism in the Union. We have to keep the mission before us. This is only the start. We will evaluate but we plan not to impact Guyana alone but, from year to year, we are going to different fields to do the same thing.”

As preparations for the next outreach endeavor unfold, Pastor Morgan stated that the venue for the Lord Transform Me “LTM-evangelistic” impact of 2019 will be Suriname.



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