Nashema Henry Is NCC Bible Connection-2019 Representative

10 Aug 2019 | Royston Philbert

Congratulations are in order for all Bible Connection-2019 participants, who undertook the arduous task and gave of their best.  Additional commendations are extended to Nashema Henry of Tortola, Tara Serrant of St. Croix and Rachad Thomas of Anguilla who were awarded first, second and third places, respectively, during the finals held on the last weekend of Camp 2019 – Impact Anguilla.  Leaders and camp organizers indicated that Rachad Thomas distinguished himself as the only male to reach the finals.

Dr. Vincent A. David, Youth Director of the North Caribbean Conference (NCC), said, “Communion with God is at the heart of the Youth Ministries Bible study initiative, into which the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the North Caribbean Conference has invested [great] financial resources. It’s a blessing to see the impact this initiative is having in the lives of so many young people.  We want young people to walk closer with Jesus, learn about His life, passion and ministries, so that they, in turn, can continue impacting the lives of people in their communities every day and every week.”

One of the featured Camp presenters, Dr. Davis, noted the level of youth engagement and emphasized, “We are here to remind you about being connected to the Word of God.   If you want the power of God unto salvation, don’t just read the Bible, don’t just study the Bible - obey the Bible.”

Nashema Henry reflected on being awarded first place in Bible Connection-2019, “As I read these chapters, I felt the power of God working in my life. I felt the responsibility to read God’s words more. I felt more in touch with Him and I felt closer to Him.”  When the Adventist Youth (AY) Leader, Sharon Leonard, first approached her about the opportunity to participate in activity, Nashema was hesitant.  She didn't have much confidence in herself, but her parents believed in her.  After her successful debut, she articulated, “This competition was a great experience and it taught me that I shouldn't let doubt and fear get the best of me. Doubt blinds us from seeing and knowing our truest potential.”

Nashema established an effective plan to prepare for the activity and shared, “I studied almost every evening. I read and studied the given books (Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther) as well as the given chapters (45-53) of the book, Prophets and Kings.  Along with reading these books, I used online resources.”

She lives at home with her parents Nigel and Mauricia Henry, who are committed leaders of the Church on Tortola. Nashema appreciated her parents input and said, “They continuously encouraged and supported me, whether it was through sitting down and studying with me or even simply through words. If it wasn't for them and their persistence in pushing me to study, I probably wouldn't have won the competition. My procrastinating habits would have probably taken over and gotten the best of me.  My knowledge of the Bible expanded. One thing that stood out in these three books was prayer. By studying and preparing, I realized that I have so much room for improvement in my prayer life. Prayer is such an important thing.”

Nashema expressed appreciation for the Carrot Bay Seventh-Day Adventist Church on Tortola, which has been very supportive of her efforts.  “As a young Christian, I plan to continue to stay active in church, but more so to remain dedicated and committed to God’s will and purpose for my life,” she said.

Tara Serrant was thankful for the experience and stated, “While doing the Bible Connection, my connection with God grew and I learned more. We worked hard and studied hard. We didn’t come with a mentality to compete but to have fun and learn from each other what we understand from the readings given. Bible Connection surely taught the other finalists and [me] more about balancing our everyday life while incorporating God.”

Nashema Henry will represent the NCC at the Caribbean Union Bible Connection finals.




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