IAD President Heads a Cadre of 23 Evangelists to NCC Impact 2020

09 Mar 2020 | Royston Philbert

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the North Caribbean Conference (NCC) will launch the massive evangelistic effort, NCC Impact 2020, on March 6th, across its ten-island territory at 23 venues.

The multilingual president of the Inter-American Division (IAD), Dr. Elie Henry, is scheduled to minister to the French-speaking community on Dutch St. Maarten. Two of Dr. Henry’s colleagues from the IAD, are also among the team, namely Dr. Balvin Braham and Dr. Samuel Telemaque. Pastor Carolyn Brandon from the Guyana Conference is the sole female evangelist among the cadre of dynamic preachers, carded to deliver messages of hope.

“I wish to highly commend all (pastors, church officers, members, youth and children) for your invaluable participation in the preparation process. We energized, mobilized, and organized. We prayed, practiced, and are now ready to perform,” stated Pastor Desmond James, NCC President, in a February 29th-letter to the constituency.

Over the past year, churches planned for the engagement and embraced innovative methods to impact their neighborhoods.  After visiting all the venues in February 2020, Dr. Claudius Morgan, the Special Assistant to the Caribbean Union President for Evangelism, noted, “I am convinced that lots have been done for this impact 2020.  The lights are green and under the power of the Holy Spirit we are moving on. I encourage the constituency to pray for us as we embrace another initiative for God.  It’s all for the Glory of God. This world is in turmoil and people need hope. Everyone needs to hear and accept this special Advent Message.”

During the first week of March 2020, churches made final preparations for this single and most aggressive thrust to grow the church through total member participation. The Assistant to the NCC President for Evangelism, Pastor Hesketh Matthew, implemented a plan for NCC Directors to be stationed on several islands to help coordinate and give administrative presence to the effort. “The day is here and we must now position ourselves as instruments so that the Holy Spirit can use us to gather souls into God’s kingdom,” commented Pastor Matthew.

While some congregations opted to extend the duration of the campaigns, others began earlier. On Tortola, Dr. Carson Greene began one week before the March 6th kick-off.  Additionally, Brother Eugene Benjamin, Evangelism Coordinator for ASI in the Inter-American Division and an outstanding lay evangelist, will continue for another two weeks on the island of St. Maarten. On St. Croix, Pastor Kishford Frank will continue for another week. 

The Communication Department of the North Caribbean Conference will stream a nightly summary coverage as the evangelistic feats unfold, to give viewers an opportunity to sample the preaching potpourri. For this live summary, visit https://www.facebook.com/NorthCarib/



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