14 Holy Spirit-led Youth Inspire 7 to Join the SDA Church

02 Jun 2018 | NCC Staff

Members of the Bethel and Horeb Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) congregations, on St. Maarten, are praising God for the dynamic evangelistic endeavors of their youth which welcomed seven new members. For the second time in 2018, the Youth Departments of the Franco-Haitian district embarked on the Youth for Christ Evangelistic Series from May 12 to 26, 2018.

Adventist Church leaders encourage churches to host a revival effort on behalf of young people, at least once a year. This is because the evan­gelism of youth is important to the progress of the Church for the evangeliza­tion of the world.  Recognizing that baptized members of all ages should have a testimony for Jesus and can influence their circle of friends and family, the district welcomed the enthusiastic interest of 14 youth to engage in evangelism.

Obviously excited about the dedication of the youth to the Mission of the SDA Church, Pastor Pierre Rene Joseph commented, “God has visited us [and] seven people gave their lives to Jesus Christ. We far underestimate what truly dedicated, godly, young people can accomplish for God’s glory but the evidence is there that the Holy Spirit can use the young people for the glory of God.”

The district recognized the following youth preachers for their dedication and outstanding achievements: Manuel Desir Maindron, Charlande Cheremond, Fletcher Paul, Louis Gérard, Daniella Sanon, Vanessa Antoine, Esther Jean Louis, Andreline Luca, Widline Antoine, and Maxo Dorlis.

In 2017, the North Caribbean Conference was devastated by two Category 5 hurricanes. Church administrators realized that it would be a difficult year for tent evangelism and urged churches to look for innovative ways to share the gospel. In response, the Bethel and Horeb congregations encouraged the youth of the district to evangelize the youth of the St. Maarten community.

Statistics disseminated by the government in 2011 indicate that 6.7% of people living in St. Maarten are of Haitian origin. And the members of the two Franco-Haitian congregations are praying and working to share the message of salvation and win them for Jesus.



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