Conference Calendar

Calendar of special days and events for 2017. Download PDF here.

4-14                       Ten Days of Prayer
7                            Lord Transform Me Day of Prayer.  All of IAD territory
7                            Study of the Fundamental Beliefs Part 1. All of IAD territory
14                          #Health Ministries-Divisions
14                           Launch of Experiencing the Transformation 2017 All of IAD territory
21                           Religious Liberty Day
21-28                      Pastors Family Week of Prayer
21-Mar 4                 Ingathering 2017
23                          Junior Chef Expo (SDA Schools)
29                          Principals' Workshop

1-28                        Proclaim and Reap Emphasis Month (All of IAD territory)
4                            Reach the World: Personal Outreach
4-14                        LTM Church Coordinators Training (All of IAD territory)
11-18                      Christian Home and Marriage Week
11                           Christian Marriage Sabbath
11                           Orientation for LTM based homes (All of IAD territory)
18                           Christian Parenting Sabbath  
25                           Church Elder Day

4                             Women’s Day of Prayer
8                             Schools Day of Prayer
11                           Adventist World Radio
18-25                      Youth Week of Prayer
18                           Global Children’s Day
18                          Global Youth Day
24 -31                     Proclaim and Reap Intensive Campaigns   (Selected Sites)
25                           #Christian Education-Divisions
27-28                      Retention and Best Practices Conference   (All Pastors)

1                            Lord Transform Me Convention (Division-wide)
1                            Day of Prayer and Fasting
1                            #Youth Spiritual Commitment Celebration  - Divisions (Northern Hemisphere)
8                            Friends of Hope Day (Visitor’s Day)
8                            Mission Promotion-World Mission
15-21                      #Literature Evangelism Rally Week
22                          World Impact Day—for Distribution of Missionary Book
22                          Special Needs Awareness Day
28-29                      Men’s Ministries Conference-Anguilla
29                           Experiencing the Transformation Baptism day (Selected Sites)    

1                             Principals Appreciation Day
6-27                        Drug Awareness Month
6                             Reach the World: Using Communication Channels
10-22                       Mission Transformed Generation Evangelism
13                            Reach the World: In the Community #Disaster/Famine Relief*
15                           NCC Teachers Appreciation Day
18                            Choral Speaking and Choir Festival
25-28                       Crisis Communication Workshop St. Croix
27                            World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk

1-30                         Conserve and Disciple Emphasis month        (All of IAD territory)
3                              Reach the World: Bible Study: Sabbath School and Correspondence  Course    
10                            Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day
17                            Reach the World: Nurturing Other Members and Reclaiming
17                            Adventist Church World Refugee Day
24                            Experiencing the Transformation 2017 Baptism day (Selected Sites)

1                              Day of Prayer and Fasting
8                              Missions Promotion-World Mission
15                            Reach the World: Media Ministry
13-29                       Mission Trip to Cuba
22                            Children’s Sabbath

5                             #Global Mission Evangelism-Divisions
12                            Reach the World: Church Planting
16-18                       NCC Session
19                            Education Day
26                           enditnow Day
26                           #Lay Evangelism-Divisions
26                           Experiencing the Transformation Baptism day   (Selected Sites)

1-30                        Bible Study Registration through Online Platform (All Churches)
2                             #Youth Spiritual Commitment Celebration (Southern Hemisphere)
3-9                          Family Togetherness Week
9                             Recognition day for LTM based home     (All homes)
9                             Family Togetherness Sabbath
9                             Mission Promotion Unusual Opportunity*
16                           Pathfinder Day
17-23                       Health Week
23                            #Sabbath School Guest Day
30                            Experiencing the Transformation 2017 Baptism day (Selected Sites)

7                             Day of Prayer and Fasting
7                             Adventist Review Subscription Promotion
8                             Move to Live
13-15                       Public Campus Ministries Weekend
14                            Pastor Appreciation Day
14-21                       Children and Adolescents Week of Prayer
20-22                       Global Public Campus Ministries Weekend
21                           Spirit of Prophecy and Adventist Heritage
21                           Day of the Pastor and his family
21                           Adventist Children and Adolescents Day
28                          Experiencing the Transformation Baptism day    (Selected Sites)
28                         Creation Sabbath

1-30                        Conserve and Disciple Emphasis month        (All Churches)
4-11                        Week of Prayer
11                           Annual Sacrifice*

1-31                        LTM Members recognition and Appreciation
2                             LTM Celebration
2                             #Stewardship-Divisions
9                             #Health Emphasis-Divisions

*For divisions not on the Combined Offering Plan
#Divisions to prepare materials

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