Calendar of special days and events for 2018. Download Document here.                                                                                                                                           

JANUARY     PROGRAM                                                                                        DEPT                          TERRITORY

06                    LORD TRANSFORM ME DAY OF PRAYER                                ADM               NCC

06                    INSTALLATION OF PASTOR                                                        ADM               NCC-STX

06-13               HOLY SPIRIT WEEK                                                                                               NCC

12-13               YOUTH MEETING                                                                           YOUTH          NCC-BVI

13                    PASTORAL INSTALLATION                                                         ADM               NCC

13                    YEAR OF THE CHILD LAUNCH                                                   C&A               NCC-VG

17                    *RESIDENT EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING             ADM               STX   

18-19               STEWARDSHIP ADVISORY/TRAINING                                     STEW             NCC-STX

20                    PASTOR’S FAMILY WEEK OF PRAYER                                     MIN                NCC

20                    RELIGIOUS LIBERTY DAY                                                           RLIB               NCC

22                    ESTABLISHING ADRA LOCAL BOARD                                     ADRA            NCC-TOR

23                    ESTABLISHING ADRA LOCAL BOARD                                     ADRA            NCC-VG

25                    ESTABLISHING ADRA LOCAL BOARD                                     ADRA            NCC-STT/STJ

27- MAR 10    HARVEST INGATHERING LAUNCHING                                    PMIN              NCC

27                    TMI/LORD TRANSFORM ME BAPTISM DAY                                                NCC

28                    ISLAND CONSTIUENCY MEETING                                            ADM               NCC-SXM

28                    AUDITORS WORKSHOP                                                                AUD               NCC-STX

29                    MINISTERIAL SYMPOSSIUM                                                       MIN                NCC-SXM


02-04               SABBATH SCHOOL INSTITUTE                                                   SS                    NCC

08                    MINISTERIAL SYMPOSIUM                                                         MIN                STX

10-11               YOUTH & CHILDREN’S CONVENTION RALLY                       YOUTH          NCC-AXA

12-13               SCHOOL ACCREDITATION EVALUATION                               EDU                EUX

13                    *RESIDENT EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING             ADM              STX

14-15               STEWARDSHIP PASTORS’ TRAINING                                       STEW             NCC-TOR

16-17               STEWARDSHIP OF WORSHIP CONFERENCE                           STEW             NCC-VG                       

10-17               CHRISTIAN HOME AND MARRIAGE WEEK                             FAM               NCC-STT                       

17                    DAY OF THE ELDER                                                                                              NCC

17                    COMMUNICATION WORKSHOP                                                 COM               STX

18                    ESTABLISHING OF LOCAL ADRA BOARD                               ADRA            STX

21                    ESTABLISHING OF LOCAL ADRA BOARD                               ADRA            NCC-AXA

22                    ESTABLISHING OF LOCAL ADRA BOARD                               ADRA            NCC-SXM

23-25               OFFICERS’ TRAINING, ACMS PROGRAM                                 ADM               NCC-EUX


                        CHURCH BOARD TRAINING                                                       ADM               NCC-EUX

24                    TMI/LORD TRANSFORM ME BAPTISM DAY                                                NCC

24-25               STEWARDSHIP EMPOWERMENT                                               STEW             NCC-TOR

23-25               YOUTH & CHILDREN’S CONVENTION RALLY                       Y/C&A           NCC-STX                       

25                    AUDITORS WORKSHOP                                                                AUD               NCC/STM

26-MAR 3       MINISTERIAL SYMPOSIUM                                                         MIN                NCC-STT



03                    WOMEN’S DAY OF PRAYER                                                        WM                 NCC/STT

02-40               YOUTH CONVENTION RALLY                                                    YOUTH          BVI

04-08               CARU PRINCIPALS WORKSHOP                                                 EDU                CARU

05-06               *FULL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                           ADM              STX

07                    CARU TALENT PARADE                                                               EDU                CARU

07                    SCHOOLS DAY OF PRAYER                                                         EDU                NCC

10-17               WEEK OF EVANGELISM                                                               EVANG          EUX

11-16               READING WORKSHOPS                                                                EDU                NCC

15                    REBUILDING & RESTORATION                                                  ADRA            SXM

09-17               IMPACT GUYANA EVANGELISTIC CAMPAIGN                      EVANG          CARU

17                    GLOBAL YOUTH/CHILDREN’S DAY                                          Y/C&A           EUX

18                    AUDITORS’ WORKSHOP                                                              AUD               NCC-STT

17-24               YOUTH WEEK OF PRAYER                                                          YOUTH          NCC   

23-25               YOUTH CONVENTION/RALLY                                                    YOUTH          STT-STJ

24-31               PROCLAIM AND REAP INTENSIVE CAMPAING                                              NCC

25                    CLERKS TRAINING/ACMS 101 CLASS                                       ADM               NCC-STX

31                    TMI/LORD TRANSFORM ME BAPTISM DAY                                                NCC  


 01                   CARU GAMES                                                                                  YOUTH          CARU                        

 07                   DAY OF PRAYER AND FASTING                                                PRAY             NCC

10                    *RESIDENT EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING             ADM               STX

12-15               STEWARDSHIP TRAINING                                                           STEW             SXM                                                              

13-15               YOUTH CONVENTION/RALLY                                                    YOUTH           SXM

13-15               TRAINING ELDERS, DEACONS, DEACONESSES                     MIN                 EUX

14                    FRIENDS OF HOPE DAY (VISITOR’S DAY)                                                       NCC

14                    MISSION PROMOTION                                                                                           NCC   

16-18               TRAINING ELDERS, DEACONS, DEACONESSES                     MIN                 SABA

19-22               TRAINING ELDERS, DEACONS, DEACONESSES                     MIN                AXA

21                    DAY OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION                                              EDU                NCC

22                    AUDITORS’ WORKSHOP                                                               AUD                BVI     

28                    SPECIAL NEEDS AWARENESS DAY                                                                   NCC

28                    TMI/LORD TRANSFORM ME BAPTISM DAY                                                 CARU

29                    CHURCH CLERK/ACMS 101 CLASS                                            ADRA              STT

30                    JOINT CHURCH BOARDS MEETING                                          ADM                STT   


01-15               ADRA, RED CROSS TRAINING OF VOLUNTEERS                   ADRA               NCC

03-05               BIBLE CONFERENCE                                                                                               STT

04-05               SPECIAL NEEDS SUMMIT                                                                                       NCC-STX                       

06-07               COMMUNICATION RETREAT                                                      COM                 NCC-STT

07                    PRINCIPAL APPRECIATION DAY                                               EDU                  NCC

07                    MINISTERIAL SYMPOSSIUM                                                       MIN                   NCC-STT

06-11               UNION COMMITTEE MEETING                                                                              CARU

13                    CHURCH BOARD TRAINING                                                       ADM                  STX

13                    AUDITORS’ WORKSHOP                                                              AUD                 AXA

16-20               PUBLIC CAMPUS MINISTRY                                                       YOUTH            BDS



19                    COMMUNITY SERVICES DAY                                                     COM                 NCC-STX

20                    STEWARSHIP CLEAN-UP DAY                                                    STEW               STX                          

21                    TEACHERS APPRECIATION DAY                                               EDU                  NCC

22                    *RESIDENT EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING             ADM                 STX

25-28               CONGRESSOREE WEEKEND                                                       YOUTH             STX

26                    WORLD DAY OF PRAYER FOR CHILDREN AT RISK              C&A                  NCC

26                    TMI/LORD TRANSFORM ME BAPTISM DAY                                                   NCC

27                    CHURCH B0ARD TRAINING/ACMS CLASS                              ADM/ADRA    STX 


01-30               ADRA DISASTER PREPAREDNESS & RESPONSE CAMP        ADRA               NCC

01-03               PATHFINDER CONGRESSOREE/DRUM CORE FEST               YOUTH             STT/STJ

02                    STEWARDSHIP PRINCIPALS FOR YOUNG ADULTS               STEW                STX

04-05               *FULL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                                      STX

09                    WOMEN’S MINISTRIES EMPHASIS DAY                                  WM                    NCC

06-17               COMMUNITY SERVICES TRAINING                                          COM                  NCC

10                    ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GRADUATION                                    EDU                   STX

15-17               HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION                                                     EDU                   STX

22-24               SCHOOL GRADUATION                                                                EDU          STT/EUX/SXM

24                    CHURCH CLERK ACMS/CHURCH BOARD TRAINING           ADM/ADRA     BVI

26                    SXM/EUX ADVENTIST SPELLING BEE CHAMPIONSHIP      EDU                   SXM

30                    STEWARSHIP OF WORSHIP                                                         STEW                STJ

30                    TMI LORD TRANSFORM ME BAPTISM DAY                                                   NCC



01                    STEARDSHIP C0MMUNITY IMPACT                                          STEW                STJ                          

02                    MINISTERIAL SYMPOSSIUM                                                       MIN                   NCC-STX

03                    *RESIDENT COMMITTEE MEETING                                                                 STX

06-08               PATHFINDER CONGRESSOREE & DRUM FEST                       YOUTH             BVI

07                    DAY OF PRAYER AND FASTING                                                 PRAY                NCC

09-11               SEGMENT LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT                                                            IAD-MIA

12-23               SENIOR YOUTH CAMP                                                                  YOUTH             STX

14                    MISSIONS PROMOTION                                                                                           NCC

14                    MEN’S MINISTRY WEEK                                                              FAM                  BVI 

21                    COMMUNICATION DAY                                                               COM                  NCC

21                    NCC BIBLE BOOM/BIBLE CONNECTION                                  YOUTH             NCC

27-29               GRADUATION                                                                                 EDU                   BVI

28                    CHILDREN’S SABBATH                                                                C&A                   NCC-STX

28                    TMI/LORD TRANSFORM ME BAPTISM DAY                                                    NCC

30-AUG 5       GLOBAL YOUTH MINISTRY LEADERS CONGRESS               YOUTH              NCC



08–11              FESTIVAL OF THE LAITY                                                             PERM                  CARU

14                    *RESIDENT COMMITTEE MEETING                                                                  STX

17-19               PRAYER CONFERENCE                                                                PRAY                 EUX

18                    CHRISTIAN EDUCATION DAY                                                    EDU                    NCC                       

18                    PRISON MINISTRY DAY                                                               PERM                 NCC

18-19               STEWARDSHIP PRINCIPALS FOR YOUNG ADULTS               STEW                 AXA

25                    END IT NOW CAMPAIGN                                                              WC&A                 CARU

25                    TMI/LORD TRANSFORM ME BAPTISM DAY                                                    NCC



01                    YEAR OF GRATITUDE                                                                   PRAY                 NCC

02-08               FAMILY TOGETHERNESS WEEK                                                FAM                   NCC                                                           

10-11               *FULL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING                                                   STX

15                    PATHFINDERS DAY                                                                       YOUTH              NCC

23                    STEWARSHIP PRINCIPLES/COMMUNITY IMPACT                 STEW                 SABA

27                    DEACONS & DEACONESSES TRAINING                                   MIN                    BVI

30                    COMMUNICATION TRAINING                                                    COM                   BVI

30                    TMI/LORD TRANSFORM ME BAPTISM DAY                                                    NCC



01-02               FIELD DAY FOR PASTORS                                                           MIN                    BVI

06                    DAY OF PRAYER AND FASTING                                                PRAY                 NCC

07                    MEN’S CONFERENCE                                                                    FAM                   TOR

07                    CHURCH CLERK ACMS CLASS                                                   ADM                  AXA

09                    *RESIDENT EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                             STX

13                    PASTORS’ APPRECIATION                                                           MIN                    NCC

14-21               CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENT’S WEEK OF PRAYER           C&A                   NCC-STX                       

15- NOV 8      TRAVEL FREEZE                                                                          ADM                   NCC

17-28               LAY BIBLE WORKERS TRAINING                                                                          NCC-TOR                   

19-21               GLOBAL PUBLIC CAMPUS MINISTRIES WEEKEND              CHAP                 NCC

20                    SPIRIT OF PROPHECY AND ADVENTIST HERITAGE                                         NCC

21                    DAY OF THE PASTOR AND HIS FAMILY                                  MIN                    NCC

27                    CREATION SABBATH                                                                                                NCC

27                    TMI/LORD TRANSFORM ME BAPTISM DAY                                                    NCC



03-10               WEEK OF PRAYER/ANNUAL SACRIFICE                                                             NCC

06                    *RESIDENT COMMITTEE                                                          ADM                  STX

12-16               UNION COMMITTEE MEETING                                                   CARU                 TRINIDAD

                        ELDERS’ SEMINARS                                                                      MIN                    NCC-STX

24-30               HEALTH                                                                                            HEALH              NCC

24                    TMI/LORD TRANSFORM ME BAPTISM DAY                                                    NCC



01-08               STEWARDSHIP EMPHASIS WEEK                                              STEW                 NCC

10-11               *FULL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING                       ADM                  STX

12-15               WORKERS’ MEETING                                                                    ADM                   NCC-STX

22                    TMI/LORD TRANSFORM ME BAPTISM DAY                                                    NCC

29                    HOMECOMING FAMILY DAY (MISSING MEMBERS)                                         NCC






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