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POSTED: 07 Nov 2019 | AUDIENCE: Public

The NCC is the second of only two fields in the Caribbean Union to have completed the ACMS. Special thanks to all pastors and church clerks for your most excellent efforts in realizing this great achievement. Read the story here about it.

North Caribbean Conference Votes Pastoral Districts Assignments

POSTED: 13 Jun 2019 | AUDIENCE: Public

The North Caribbean Conference Executive Committee voted the full slate of pastoral assignments for the quardrennium. The vote took place during the Conference's Executive Committee meeting in St. Croix on Tuesday, June 11, 2019. 

These pastoral assignments will see 5 transfers, one pastor appointed as district pastor for the first time, the creation of two new pastoral district and the employment of two ministerial interns. NCC Pastoral Districts

NCC Strategic Plan 2017-2022: A Journey of Hope: Rebuilding for a Finished Work

POSTED: 09 Jun 2019 | AUDIENCE: Public

Read NCC Strategic Plan 2017-2022 Here

Calendar of events for 2020

POSTED: 12 Dec 2019 | AUDIENCE: Members

The North Caribbean Conference 2020 Calendar of Events is now available for download. Download 2020 Calendar here.



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