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Seventh-day Adventists are Bible-believing Christians who base their faith, hope and future in Jesus Christ and his soon return. Adventists take to heart the gospel commission as found in Matthew 28 to go and teach all nations and baptize them. As a result the Adventist church is now a worldwide organization with a presence in more than 200 countries. Our desire to share the gospel is born out of genuine Christian love for our fellow human beings and the desire to share the hope that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Name

The name Seventh-day Adventist includes vital beliefs for us as a Church. 'Adventist' reflects our passionate conviction in the nearness of the soon return ('advent') of Jesus. 'Seventh-day' refers to the Biblical Sabbath which from Creation has always been the seventh day of the week, or Saturday.

Our Organization

The Adventist Church is a large and growing global organization consisting of thirteen (13) divisions, which are ‘sub-divided’ into unions, then conferences, fields, missions or regions. Our division is the Inter-American Division (IAD), located in Miami, United States of America and our union The Caribbean Union Conference with headquarters in Trinidad.



Over 900 members, 3 congregations.

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Over 1600 members, 8 congregations.

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Over 2000 members, 7 congregations.

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statia and saba

St. Eustatius/Saba

A vibrant Adventist presence.

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Over 4500 members, 8 churches.

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Learn about our faith our church our mission.

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