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The most northerly of the islands, stretches from Northeast to Southwest with its highest elevation being 213 feet above sea level. Thirty-five square miles, the island is fringed with more than thirty beaches. Anguilla has a population of about 16,752 and an Adventist presence of 1,097 members who worship in four congregations..

Churches & ministers in Anguilla.

British Virgin Islands

This is a group of over 50 islands, three of which are populated, forming the north-western extremity of the Leeward Islands and are quite picturesque. With a population of about 34,232, there is an Adventist presence of 1,935 member who worship in 8 congregations.

Churches & ministers in the B.V.I.

St. Maarten

At thirty seven square miles, St. Maarten flies two flags, uses three currencies and is home to three languages. With a population of about 40,000, the Adventist membership of 2,887 worships in 7 congregations.

Churches & ministers in St. Maarten.

St. Eustatius and Saba

“Statia” has a fire for different cultures and is home to several languages. With a population of 3,400, there is one Adventist church and a membership of 471. Saba, the smaller island, has a population of about 2,000 and Adventist presence of 21 members who worship in 1 congregation.

Churches & ministers in St. Eustatius / Saba

United States Virgin Islands

Of this group of islands, four are populated. St. Croix, the largest island hosts the headquarters of the NCC, has a population of about 50,600 and a membership of 5,167 with 8 congregations. St. Thomas has a population of about 51,634 and a membership of 3,831 worshiping 6 congregations. St. John the smallest of the three major islands has a population of about 4,170 with one Adventist church and 117 members.

Churches & ministers in the U.S.V.I


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St. Maarten

Over 2000 members, 7 congregations
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statia and saba

St. Eustatius/Saba

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Over 4500 members, 8 churches
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