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Adventist lifestyle

We believe that God desires for his children to have healthy bodies, strong minds and a spiritual connection with Him and that He has given us health principles that will make this possible. Our Church aims to provide health education for members and friends regarding the benefits of 'total health'.

Family Life

Family Ministry is all about the family. Let’s be honest: the strength of our society is rooted in the smallest societal unit, the family. The Adventist Church is dedicated to strengthening relationships and empowering ministry leaders and churches in their work with families. Family Ministries focuses on people in relationships and help individuals communicate more effectively, deepen commitment in marriage, and assist them in becoming better parents. Family Ministries help families grow in love and live in harmony as the family of God.

Better Living

The Adventist church promotes healthy living. Our local churches' Health Ministries focuses on the wholeness of body, mind, and spirit within the members of a congregation and the people in the community that it serves. The whole person health focus is on wellness, disease prevention and showing the world that we can truly be healthy even in a sin sick world.

Health Tips

Long before the rest of the world embraced a growing number of healthy life style practices such as vegetarian/vegan diet, exercise programs and more, the Adventist church embraced health principles laid down by their founders more than 150 years ago. We would love to share some of health tips with you. Click here for health tips.

Adventist Book Center

Within our territories you will find Adventist Book Centers. Visit one near you to find various book on wellness, spiritual living and vegetarian food.

Adventist Heritage

The history of the Adventist Church is a rich and varied. Rising from the great disappointment of 1844, there are incredible stories of faith and heroism demonstrated in the lives of our early Adventist pioneers. Many of the persons who worked and who we identify as founding fathers endured extremes of weather, deprivation and more to take the gospel to ‘all the world”. From the handful of mostly visionaries, the church is now a global movement.

Know your history

Here we present links to various organizations and services where you can learn more of the history of the church. Be inspired not just to be saved but to work for the salvation of others.

Adventist Education

The Adventist Church promotes education at all levels, from elementary and high schools. The Church globally operates one of the largest educational systems in the world, and features Universities such as Loma Linda whose Medical Center is at the forefront of treatments such as the innovative Proton Accelerator for cancer treatment. Through a world-wide network of schools, Adventists seek to better humanity through providing education and vocational training.   The schools in the North Caribbean Conference territory offer both primary and secondary education.

You can get more information on Adventist Education or see information below for schools within our conference.

Life is about transitions. We all pass through phases, from childhood to adults to seniors. While we grow spiritually, we do face financial challenges through all phases of life. Planned Giving and Trust Services can help. A unique mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, we provide useful financial, estate and gift planning information - with special sensitivity to our faith; This service is for everyone and your changing needs for financial security, protection of loved ones and support for the various noble missions is a part of our Christian duty. To find out more about this service, please contact your local church pastor or the conference office.

Remember, every church member can effectively manage the resources God entrusts to them.


Stewardship is one of the ways the church is financed. Stewardship is also lifestyle of the one who accepts Christ’s lordship and walks in partnership with God, acting as His agent in managing His affairs on earth. Stewardship seeks to emphasize the lordship of Jesus Christ, to enhance the integration of the gospel into the Christian lifestyle, to encourage faithful stewardship and to facilitate the individual, leadership, and corporate dimensions of stewardship as partnership with God.

How to start

We encourage each member to start a personal giving plan. Get involved in a systematic stewardship giving pattern. Giving to God there will always be a blessing!



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