Tortola Included in CARU Presidential Itinerary

14 Apr 2020 | Royston Philbert

In honor of the Caribbean Union (CARU) President’s first official visit to Tortola, a contingent of pastors and church leaders welcomed Dr. Kern Tobias and his wife, Mrs. Linda Tobias, at the Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport - a gateway to the territory of the British Virgin Islands (BVI).  

Pastor Leriano Webster who leads Tortola District #2 (Carrot Bay and BelleVue Seventh-day Adventist Churches) headed the welcoming committee and warmly expressed, “On behalf of the Administration of the Conference and the people, we welcome you with open arms.” 

Dr. Tobias was delighted to connect with the pastoral staff and members of the SDA Church on Tortola.  He stated, “So many stories have been heard about Tortola over the years and to be here and experience the stories is just marvelous.  I have always heard of how wonderful the people of Tortola are and it’s just wonderful to meet them.  It is a pleasure that my wife and I can be in the North Caribbean Conference [NCC] and in Tortola.”

The Union President’s 4-day visit coincided with the closing activities for the Conference’s evangelistic event, NCC Impact 2020.  Commenting on the significance of the visit, Dr. Tobias said, “I must say thanks to Dr. [Claudius] Morgan for being such an outstanding organizer and facilitator for the Mission of the Church and to all the pastors and members who are here. Let us have a great celebration as we continue to lift the name of Christ and fulfill the Mission, He has for us.”  

The island-wide convention which concluded NCC Impact 2020 united more than 500 members as well as new believers, community friends and visiting evangelists.  Dr. Tobias’ Sabbath message challenged the constituency to continue reaching more communities with the gospel message. He emphasized, “Now is the time.  We need to do all we can to fulfill the Mission. This is the time. The conditions in the world tell that Jesus is coming!”