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You are invited to attend a worship service or Bible study in a Seventh-day Adventist congregation near you. Request listing update.

SDA Churches in our Conference

Anguilla - Pastor Virgil Sams/Sylvester Williams

Long Bay SDA                                    South Hill SDA                         Mount Fortune SDA
Long Bay, Anguilla, W.I.                      South Hill, Anguilla, W.I.           East End, Anguilla, W.I.

St. Eustatius/Saba District - Pastor Holford Brown

St. Eustatius SDA Church                    Saba SDA Company
Golden Rock, St. Eustatius, N.A.         The Bottom, Saba, N.A.

 St. Maarten District No. 1 - Pastor Vashni Cuvalay

Philipsburg SDA Church                      Ephesus SDA Church
Zagers Ghut                                         Philipsburg
Philipsburg, St. Maarten, N.A.              Philipsburg, St. Maarten, N.A.

St. Maarten District No. 2 - Pastor Royston Philbert

Cole Bay SDA Church                         St. Peters SDA Company                    
Cole Bay, St. Maarten N.A.                  St. Maarten, N.A.  

St. Maarten District No. 3 - Pastor Enoch Saintil

Bethel (Haitian) SDA Church                 Horeb SDA Company                            
Cole Bay, St. Maarten, N.A.                  St. Maarten, N.A.     

St. Maarten District No. 4 Pastor Arnaldo Gonzalez

New Bethany SDA Church
Philipsburg, St. Maarten, N.A. 

Virgin Gorda District - Pastor Glendon Cross

Virgin Gorda SDA Church                   Anegada
The Valley, Virgin Gorda, BVI              Anegada, BVI 

Tortola District No. 1 - Pastor Howard Simon

Carrot Bay SDA Church                      Road Town SDA Church             Sweet Redemptive SDA Church
Carrot Bay, Tortola, BVI                      Road Town, Tortola, BVI            Road Town, Tortola, BVI

Tortola District No. 2 - Pastor Wynfield Ambrose

East End SDA Church                          Belle View Group                         Purcell SDA Church
East End, Tortola, BVI                          Tortola, BVI                                Purcell, Tortola, BVI

Maranatha Ministries SDA Church
Tortola, BVI

St. Thomas District No. 1 - Pastor Vincent David 

City SDA Church                                                                                    Maranatha SDA Church
55 Dronningens Gade                                                                              63 Lindsberg Bay
Seventh-day Adventist Street, St. Thomas, USVI                                     St. Thomas, USVI
Tel. (340) 776-8822; FAX (340) 776-4297                                                Tel. (340) 774-7411

St. Thomas District No. 2 - Pastor Noel James

Philadelphia SDA Church 
5 Raphune Hill, St. Thomas, USVI 
Tel. (340) 775-3517; FAX (340) 777-7585

St. Thomas District No. 3 - Pastor Ives Roberts

St. John SDA SDA Church                     Shiloh Spanish Group                           Shiloh SDA Church
18-17 Enighed                                        c/o Shiloh SDA Church                         152 Annas Retreat
Cruz Bay, St. John, VI                            St. Thomas, USVI                                St. Thomas, USVI
Tel. (340) 779-4477                                                                                            Tel. (340) 775-1059

St. Thomas District No. 4 - Pastor Trent Berg

Agape SDA Church                                St. Thomas/St. John SDA School
Bolongo Bay, Bovoni                              P.O. Box 7909
St. Thomas, USVI                                   St. Thomas, USVI 00801
Tel. (340) 775-1224                                 Tel. (340) 775-525

St. Croix District No. 1 - Pastor Hesketh Matthew                                                          

Christiansted SDA Church                     Peter's Rest SDA Church
Queen Cross Street                               331 Peter's Rest
Christiansted, St. Croix, USVI                St. Croix, USVI
Tel. (340) 773-1822                                Tel. (340) 773-4564

 St. Croix District No. 2 - PastorWilmoth James 

Central SDA Church                                                                               Hope SDA Church
17-A Plessen                                                                                           Calquohoun
Frederiksted, St. Croix, USVI   FAX & Tel. (340) 692-2437                         St. Croix, USVI 

St. Croix District No. 3 - Pastor Winston Richards

Bethel SDA Church                                                                               Faith SDA Church
2 William's Delight                                                                                 37 AB Two Brothers
Frederiksted, St. Croix, USVI                                                                Frederiksted, St. Croix, USVI
Tel. (340) 692-0888                                                                               Tel. (340) 772-2520

St. Croix District No. 4 - Pastor Carlos Hidalgo

Sunny Acres SDA Church                                                                     Campo Rico Company
501 Sunny Acres                                                                                   Frederiksted
Sunny Isles, St. Croix, USVI                                                                  St. Croix, USVI
Tel. (340) 778-5880

ST. CROIX BIBLE WORKER:  Margaret Peters